Q.  ​Rahul wants to buy 4 L of lemon juice for his birthday party. He sees the following 3 brands of lemon juice in a shop: 

'Juice Lite', sold in 200 mL packs costing Rs. 15 each.
'Live Fit', sold in 250 mL bottles costing Rs 18 each. 
'Nature's choice', sold in 1 Litre packs, with a special offer of 2 packs for Rs. 150.

Which of these brands will be the cheapest option for him?

Dear Student ,
Please find below the solution to the asked query :

Cost of juice lite of 200 ml=Rs. 15Cost of juice lite of 1 litre=5×15=Rs.75       Since 1 litre = 1000 mlCost of juice lite of 4 litre=4×75=Rs. 300Cost of Live Fit of 250 ml = Rs. 18Cost of Live Fit of 1 litre=4×18=Rs. 72Cost of Live Fit of 4 litre=4×72=Rs. 288Cost of 1 litre pack of Natures choice=Rs. 150But according to offer 2 Pack of nature choice also costs Rs. 150So,Cost of 4 litre of nature choice juice=2×150=Rs. 300Live fit brand will be the cheapest option for him.
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natural choice
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2 bottels of lime juice
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live fit will cost him cheapest as it will cost Rs.288 for 4l.
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Juice lite=125/- , Live fit=72/- , Nature choice=75/- So,live fit is the cheapest
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