Q- Rewrite the sentences by replacing the underlined words with a verb from the box. You will have to change the form of the verb. You may also have to reword the sentences.

1. Arun abstained from indulging in the dessert as he was putting on weight.

2. The earth goes around the sun every three hundred and sixty-five days.

3. The building broke down because of the incessant rains.

4. As the girl sank she called loudly for help.

5. In the past many people were unjustly punished for the religious beliefs.

6. The audience clapped their hands loudly after the play.

7. Suman felt great dislike for the idea of deceiving her parents.

8. Akbar excercised his control over nearby the whole of India.

9. The twins did not look like each other.

10. The church was founded to help the people in the village.

11. The troupe from Africa completely held the attention of the audience.

12. The teacher accepted as satisfactory the students plan for the play.

13. Theodore pondered over the options before making a choice.

14. The truth came out only when the captain returned.

15. Leena took the place of Reena in the play when Reena fell ill.
















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2. The Earth completes its revolution around the sun in three hundred and sixty five days.
3. The building collapsed because of the incessant rains.
6. The audience applauded after the play.
8. Akbar ruled over the whole of India.
9. The twins did not resemble each other.
11. The troupe from Africa captivated the audience.

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