Q. Solve graphically:- 3y-2x<4, x+3y>3, x+y<equals 5.

first of all we place each equation equal to 0. then we find the values of x and y separetly  for each equation. we wright co-ordinates of each equation. after that locate them into the graph. in this que there r three equatins 3y-2x<4 ,, the values for this is (x,y)=(1,2),(-1/2,1) and for x+3y>3 ,, the values r (x,Y)=(0,1),(3,0) and for last equation x+y the values come negative of each unknown value. after that plot them in graph . puting 0 in place of x and y we got the idea that the equation tend to zero or not . and at last we got the shadede area.


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