Q. Take 5 examples from your surroundings and give explanation based on Newtons laws of motion. 

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Application of first law of motion:

1. It is due to the first law of motion that we don’t have to keep pedaling all the time while cycling on a horizontal road. The cycle will move some distance even when not pedaled.

2. Dust from carpet can be removed by beating it is also an application of first law of motion.

Application of second law of motion:

1. We know how much force is required to accelerate a body of known mass in a given interval of time with the application of this law.

2. It is this law that explains how we move a body, stop it, change its direction of motion or even change its shape or size.

Newton’s third law of motion is applicable wherever there is action-reaction force pair.

1. We use it while walking on the road.

2. Propulsion of rocket is an application of the third law of motion.

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