Q. The current flows in a circuit as shown below . If a second circuit is brought near the first circuit then the current in the second circuit will be   (1) clock wise (2) Anti clock wise (3) Depending on the value of Rc (4) none of the above

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the field due to the currrent carrying coil is from away from the observaer along the axis .observer will see south pole of the right part of the primary coil .when secondary coil is move towards the primary it will oppose the motion of secondary according to lenzs law .so the south pole will be generated on the side which is approaching the primary .hence the observer see the north pole on the coil .the north pole menas anti clockwise.opton 2Regards

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the current flowing in circuit 1 will form south pole since the current will be in clockwise direction, when the second circuit is brought near to it  it will form a north pole due to attraction with the first circuits south pole when the observer sees it from the point given in question the current seem to flow in clockwise direction.
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