Q ​The following diagram represents a mammalian kidney tubule (nephron) and its blood

Parts indicated by the guidelines 1 to 8 are as follows : 
I. Afferent arteriole from renal artery; 
2. Efferent arteriole 
3. Bowman's capsule, 
4. Glomerulus; 
5. Proximal convoluted tubule with blood capillaries; 
6. Distal convoluted tubule with blood capillaries; 
7. Collecting tubule: 
8. U-shaped loop of Henle. 
Study the diagram and answer the questions that follow : 
(a) Where does ultrafiltration take place ? 
(b) Which structure contains the lowest concentration of urea?
(c) Which structure Contains the highest Concentration of urea?
(d) Which structure (normally) contains the lowest concentration of glucose ? 
(e) Where is most water reabsorbed ? 


Ultrafiltration in glomerulus and water reabsorptio in loop of henle wait for expert answer may be i am wrong
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Ultrafiltration in glomerulus
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Efferent arteriole has lowest conc. of urea and Collecting tubule has highest conc. of urea
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Lowest conc. of glucose is in collecting tubule. PCT (Proximal convoluted tubule) absorbs most water.
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