Q. The Managing Director - MD of Rathi Footwear Limited '. Mr. Jisan Ahmed wants to expand his business. Currently , this company deals in leather shoes. Mr. Ahmed called a meeting of all the four Departmental Managers. He asked all of them to express their view on the expansion of the company. One of them said that factory should be set-up to make school Bags. The other one said that a factory for making Ladies Leather purse should be set-up. The third one suggested for setting up a factory to Manufacturing Socks and the fourth manager was in favour of a factory for making Plastics Shoes. There was a discussion on all the four options in the meeting and ultimately, the option for making Ladies' Leather Purses was thought to be right. Mr. Ahmed took this job in his own hands.

Mr. Ahmed purchased the factory making Ladies 'Leather Purse which had already been set up and was running in a loss. Now he determined the different activates to be performed in the new business.  He established five departments, so that all activities cold be completed easily. Trees in a large number were planted all around the factory so as to provide protection against the bad effect of leather.
(a) Identify the concepts of management described in the paragraph given above.
(b) Quote the lines which help in identifying the concepts identified in the point 'a' .
(c) Identify the values which this company wants to deliver to the society.

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Divisional organisational structure and social objective.....
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The manager of me of rahi footwear
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1-planning & organising 2- one of them said..... Was considered right Value - organising
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