Q. The pass book of Rajeev & Co. showed an overdraft of Rs. 10,000 . Prepare a bank reconciliation statement as on 31st March 2016
a) Bank charges debited in pass book Rs. 250.
b) Cheques received entered in cash book but not entered in Pass book Rs. 2,000
c) Sumehs, a customer deposit Rs. 3,000 directly in the bank account
d) Cheques for Rs. 5,000 issued to Ragesh, not presented for payment.
e) Interest credited in pass book Rs. 100
f) LIC premium paid by bank Rs. 350.

Dear Student,
                                              Bank Reconciliation Statement
                                                           as on..31.03.2016
S. No. Particulars Plus Items (Rs) Minus Items (Rs)
  Overdraft as per Pass Book   10,000
a. Bank charges debited in pass book 250  
b. Cheque received but not entered in pass book 2,000  
c. Amount directly deposited by customer   3,000
d. Cheque issued but not presented for payment   5,000
e. Interest credited by bank   100
    f. Lic paid by bank 350  
  Overdraft as per Cash Book 15,500  
    18,100 18,100


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