Q.):-  The points A (4, -2), B(7, 2), C(0, 9) and D(-3, 5) form a parallelogram.  Find the length of the altitude of the parallelogram on the base AB.

A4,-2,B7,2,C0,9,D-3,5eqn of line ABy-2x-7=-2-24-7y-2x-7=433y-6=4x-283y-4x+22=0find the perpendicular distance of the pint C with line Ab is the altitude.d=-4*0+3*9+2242+32=495 length of altitude.Regards 

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Pehle area of triangle nikalo uske Baad AB ka lenght nikalo uske Baad 1/2 x b x h se equate kr do
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