Q. Two masses undergo a perfect elastic head on collision.The first mass 'm' moves with initial velocity 50 m/s in the positive x direction . The second mass '2m' with initial velocity 40 m/s negative x direction . (i) Calculate their final velocities, (ii) What is the ratio of the final K.E. to the initial K.E. for mass 'm' (iii) Calculate the change in momentum of masses m and 2m if m = 1 kg. (iv) What is the change in momentum of the system?


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Following are some safetymeasures to be followed oneself from lightning
If outdoor
1)Avoid taking shelters under tree.
2)Avoid being near to any kind of metal
objects which may include wires fences,machinery and power appliances.
If Indoor
Turn off all electricity appliances such as television and refrigerator
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