Q. Velocity of image of fish in the mirror with respect to ground is
(A) zero
(B) 2 m/s towards mirror.
(C) 2 m/s away from mirror
(D) 4 m/s towards mirror.
The answer is (A)

Dear Student,

refractive index=real speed apparent speed2=4apparent speedapparent speed=2 m/s.veocity of image wrt mirror v=2-1 =1 m/s towards the mirror .wrt ground v'=1+1=2 m/s  wrt ground .regards 

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The Answer is (II) 2 m/s towards the Mirror.

We know, Apparent Speed/Original Speed = Refractive Index of the Second Medium/Refractive Index of the First medium.

Hence v'/v=u2/u1 or     v'= (u2/u1)*v  
Hence v'=(1/2)*4 m/s

For a Plane Mirror, the image is formed equally distanced from the object Position. Hence if the Object is approaching the mirror, then the image would also approach the mirror, with the equal velocity.

Hope it's clear. It was simple.
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Hey i am sorry, i did not read the Question properly. Please forgive me for the Wrong answer. I didn't notice the Plane Mirror moving with a velocity of 1 m/s. 
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