Q. Viscosity of a liquid arises due to strong intermolecular forces existing between the molecules. Stronger the intermolecular forces, greater is the viscosity. Name the intermolecular forces existing in the following liquids and arrange them in the increasing order of their viscosities. Also give, reason for the
assigned order.
water, hexane and glycerine.

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The increasing order of viscosity on the basis of Inter-molecular forces is-

Hexane < Water < Glycerine

  • The Inter-molecular forces present in case of Hexane are London forces which are comparatively weaker forces of attraction.
  • While in water and glycerine, stronger Inter-molecular forces are present i.e. Hydrogen bonding. And the extent of Hydrogen bonding is higher in case of glycerine (because of the presence of three -OH groups) than that in case of water.
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