Q.What happens iffrogs lay eegs in iodine deficient water

Iodine is an essential element of thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone with its essential iodine constituent is responsible for the control of metabolism and also for metamorphosis.  If iodine is not available in the diet, the thyroid may produce an insufficient amount of hormone which will adversely effect the process of metamorphosis.

So, if frog lays egg in iodine deficient water than the tadpoles hatched from that eggs will not be able to metamorphose into adult frog.

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If frogs lay eggs in iodine deficient water, then the tadpoles, which will come out from the eggs, would not be able to become adults as iodine is necessary for the tadpoles to undergo through the drastic changes to reach adulthood. 

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the tadpoles cannot become adults

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 anjali and srisht are right

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