Q. Who did apparten come to end in South Africa?   

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Your query in not clear.
Assuming that your query is how apartheid come to end in South Africa?
  • South Africa was the last state of Africa to get freedom in 1994.For a very long time ,the minority government of whites committed many atrocities on the black people.It followed the policy of apartheid and keep the black people under its thumb.
  • The resistance for apartheid by the black people took many forms like protest and strikes,non violent demonstrations,and finally armed resistance.
  • The apartheid system in the South Africa came to end through a series of negotiations from the year 1990 to 1993.Many organisation took part in this negotiations.
  • Among the opposition and chaos National party government was established in South Africa which made a number of reforms and thus African national congress won the first South African elections.
  • The African national congress was a coalition government including non white majority .This lead to he officially end of apartheid policy.
  • Nelson mandela played a major role to end apartheid system in the South Africa by armed conflict and peaceful protest.

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