Q.  Why is the mirror being compared to god  ?

The mirror metaphorically compares itself with eye of omnipresent god that sees an object from all the angles
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Mirror is compared to god because like god mirror also treats everybody equally by reflecting their images without any preconceptions
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Mirror is compared to God because it is unbiased and give the real fair image from all its four corners
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The mirror helps us evaluate ourselves. Once you look at a mirror, you can decide if you need to make any changes before you leave for the day. The Bible helps us do that, too.

You can look at the Bible in one of two ways. You can glance at the mirror or gaze into it. On the old TV show “Happy Days,” the Fonz would glance at the mirror. He’d walk past the mirror, stop, look into it, and say, “Hey!” He didn’t have to do anything else. He was pure perfection. He just needed a glance.

That’s not the way you look into God’s Word. You don’t just glance at the Word of God in a rushed, hurried manner and then leave. Glancing at God’s Word won’t change your life.

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mirror is compared to god because , god always shows us the real life similarly the mirror shows the real thing ang never cheats us mirror the real world
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