Q.write a short note on the problem of ground water in india.

The above problem has been caused by the following reasons:-

1. The expansion of agriculture that leaded to intensive irrigation.

2. The ever exploding population has used groundwater for many uses.

3. The uneducated farmers do not know how to use the groundwater and over irrigate the fields.

This problem can be solved by:-

1. Use of biotechnology.

2. Educating farmers about the irrigation.

3. Use water collecting practice like rainwater harvesting.

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I am shafienaa.

1. recent evidencees suggest that the underground water is under serious threat of overuse in many parts of the country.
2. about 300 hundered districts have reported a water level decline of over 4 metres during the past 20 years.
3. nearly one third of the country is overusing their groung water reserves.
4. in another 25 years 60 percent of the country would be doing the same if the present way of using resource continues.
5. groundwater voveruse is particularly found in the agriculturally prosperous regions of punjab, western U.P., etc.
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Swapnil Dhimmar  I think you have used the wrong term for farmers it would have been better if you have given them a little respect. Coz they are feeding our country and if they stop there work then I don't think you will be able to live.
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Refer to cbse class 10 Economics book page no. 14 EXAMPLE 1: GROUND WATER IN INDIA
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Ask you mom
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You can see the information below in the image....

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