Q- Write an article on the topic: "Autism- An issue to be dealt with empathy and not only sympathy"

Please give some points or ideas to help me write the article
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Dear Student,
Your article will have mainly three parts:
Introduction – you can write about what autism is. Give a brief explanation on it. Also, add statistics to show how prevalent autism is.  In the US, as many as 1 in 68 children have autism. Its lesser in India but the condition isn’t completely documented nor researched. Numbers vary from 1 in 500 children to 1 in 160 children. Though the numbers aren’t accurate, it’s safe to assume that there are a great number of autistic individuals in our country too.
Body of the article – first, write about the features of autism: marked behavioural difficulties, difficulty in communication and social interaction, and extremely sensitive to all sensory stimuli. You can research on more points – I have only written the general ones.
Next, you can talk about how these individuals can’t help the way they behave. It is up to us to treat them as regular people and make the effort to be as normal around them as possible. For this, we need to have empathy and not just sympathy. These individuals didn’t choose to be autistic, nor did we have a right to be non-autistic. We have all a fate that leads us and made us who we are, and beyond a point, we have no power over that fate. So, we have no right to treat autistic people differently simply because we feel ‘privileged’ or ‘better’.
Empathy is when you understand and feel for yourself what the other person is feeling. Sympathy can mean you have compassion for the other person but you might not be able to put yourself in their shoes. To understand autistic people and to treat them right, you need to empathise with them by feeling what they are feeling and trying to process the world in their way. This will help us have patience for them.
Conclusion – summarise all the salient questions. Maybe you can express your hope that more autism awareness is brought about so that people can understand such individuals better.
Hope this answers your question. For further doubts, please ask on the forum and our experts will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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