Q)  Write any 3 differences between a founder and an inventor of something. 

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  • As the name suggests, he has found out something that may have already existed.
  • As the  name suggests, he has invented something new.
  • It may have be discovered by someone but may not have been acknowledged.
  • It is something that has been created from scratch and may involve the integration of many components
  • It may or may not include a process or experiment.
  • For example - Founding of a group may not include a scientific experiment
  • It usually involved a tedious process or research.
  • For example - invention of the telescope.

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Creator - Creates something. He has an idea, and then executes it

Founder - He may be a creator...o not. He simply provided the means to make that idea possible. That could cash, his own work, contacts... or he may even had an idea but didn't execute himself... simply contracted the people that could do it.

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