Q1- A refrigerator of capacity 165 litres has a power rating 60 watts. If it runs continously for 5 hours. What unit of electric energy does it convert?

Q2- How many joule are there in one kilowatt-hour? Calculate the cost of operating a 500 watt device for 20 hours at the rate of Rs. 3.59 per unit.

Q3- Which one has a higher resistance 100 watt bulb or a 60 watt bulb each rated at 220 volts?

Q4- A current of 20 amperes is drawn by the starter of a car for 15 seconds. How much electrical energy is drawn from the battery of 12 volts?

Q5- A heater is constructed using a nichrome wire of total resistance 11.00 ohm by applying a potential difference of 220 volts. What is the current drawn by heater? What is power rating of the heater?

Q6- Adomestic consumer uses a refrigerator of 60 watts for 5 hours, an electric iron of 750 watts for half an hour and two 100 watt bulbs for 4 hours everyday. What is the electric energy consumed in a month of 30 days?

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