Q1) Answer the questions: -
a) Name the monuments of France.
b) Name the mountains of France.
c) Name the rivers of France.
d) Name the cheeses of France.
e) In what year did the French franc disappear?
f) What is the national anthem of France?
g) What is the national holiday of France?
h) What is the currency of France?
i) What is the capital of France?
j) What does the Republic symbolize?
k) What does the pride of the French people symbolize?
l) Name the French cars.
m) What is the synonym of Paris?
n) What is the synonym of France?
? o) What are the colors of the French flag?

Dear Student,

Please refer answer to a, b and c below:

a. Monuments of France:

i.The Eiffel Tower, Paris.
ii.Gardens of the château de Versailles
iii.Notre Dame Cathedral
iv.Sacré Coeur basilica
v. Palace of the Popes

b.Mountains of France:

i. French Alps and the Mont Blanc 
ii. Massif Central and the Auvergne Mountains
iii.The Pyrenees

c. Rivers of France:

i. Rhine River
ii.Seine River
iii.Loire River
iv. Marne River

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