How does Mr Lamb try to put Derek at ease soon after the latter'sentry into Mr Lamb's garden?
02. "People are afraid of me" Why does Derek feel that people are afraid of him?
Q3. Why does Derek hate to be called a poor boy?
04. "Rubbish? Look, boy, look.... what do you see?"
(a) Whospeaks these words to whom?
(b) What is the'rubbish' referred to here? How does the speaker view this rubbish?
Q5. "It's all relative. Beauty and the beast?" What do you understand by this statement of Mr Lamb?

Dear Student, 
The answer to your fifth query is given below:
Through this statement, Mr Lamb means that different people have different outlooks for the same thing. Some find one thing beautiful, others find the same thing ugly. It all depends on one's perception towards a particular thing. Therefore, it is important that one adopts a positive attitude towards everything in life, just like princess Beauty who fell in love with monstrous beast in the fairy tale, 'Beauty and the Beast' but the beast, being a prince, failed to discover his reality. What matters is not the outer beauty but how beautiful you are from inside.

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