Q1 How to solve if two poles 15 m and 30 m high stand up right in a play ground. If their feet are 36 meters apart, find the distance between their tops?

Q2 A man goes 20 m due East and then 15m due south. Find the distance between the starting point and the terminal point?

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1) Kindly go through the link given below to view the solution of the question which is converse of the question asked by you.


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2) Here is the answer to your query.

The given information can be represented using a figure as
Here, A and C are the position of the man at the starting point at ending point and AC is the distance between the starting and ending points.
Using Pythagoras theorem in ∆ABC
AC2 = AB2 + BC2
⇒ AC2 = (20 cm)2 + (15 m)2 = (400 + 225) m2 = 625 m2 = (25 m)2
⇒ AC = 25 m
Thus, the required distance is 25 m

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1. Ans-------------1521

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