Q1 how will u help your neighbours in case cyclone approaches your village/town?

Q2 what planing is required in advance to deal with the situation created by the cyclone?

Q3 how does modern technology help us to predict cyclones in advance?

Q4 what do u understand by the eye of the cyclone?

The steps that can be taken at the individual level during cyclone are as follows:

  • Keep ample stock of food packets, lanterns and other commodities.
  • Making arrangements for shelter of homeless people with the help of Tents, Water bottles, Blankets, Utensils etc.
  • Keep stock of essential Medicines like Painkillers, cotton and Bandages, etc. for injured persons.
  • Dry cell Torches and other light equipment should be kept handy.

Proper planning in advance is essential for better management of crisis during cyclones.

  • coastal embankment should be done
  • minimise high tide damages by proper land use
  • guide and make the people living the hazard zones aware of the mitigation strategies
  • early forecasting and warning system should be used
  • relief and restoration measures
  • cyclone shelters should be set up
  • coastal afforestation should be done
  • the areas should be zoned with respect to the level of danger as high risk, medium risk and low risk areas for better management.

The eye of a cyclone is present in the centre of the cyclone. It can vary in size, from 10 km to 100 km, depending upon the strength of the storm

Least amount of air pressure is present in the eye and is a roughly circular area, which produces clear weather with light wind, no clouds, no rain and some sunshine. It is surrounded by the eyewall, which is a ring of towering clouds.


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