Q1. Is crude oil essential for the development process in a country? Explain
Q2.What is public facilities? Are public facilities helping us to understand the
development? Explain.
Q3. What is sustainable economic development?

Please tell answer of these three question

Dear Student,

1. answer) Yes, crude oil is essential for the development of a country as it provides the base of industrial advancement. 97% of the energy required for transportation is provided by crude oil. A product called Premium Motor Spirit that is derived from crude oil is essential for vehicles. U.S.A. still depends on crude oil and gas for the generation of 20% of its electricity. Crude oil is also essential for the production of plastics, paints, petrochemicals and synthetic fabrics. The economies of several nations also depend on the export of crude oils.

2. answer) Public facilities include those general facilities provided for public, such as electricity, water, health care, sanitation, schools, etc. It is the utmost responsibility of the government to ensure that such basic minimum facilities are available to all the citizens of the country. These facilities are must for a person to live a dignified and comfortable life. Government must ensure universal access to such facilities. Denial of such facilities would amount to violation of fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian constitution. These facilities are important for the growth and development of the society and the country at large. Education, food, water and healthcare are those components that enable us to understand the development process. Only when these basic facilities are provided, public will effectively understand that the country is moving in the path of development.

3. answer) Sustainable economic development is a one such economic development which attempts to satisfy the needs of humans in a way where natural resources and environment are protected and conserved for future generations. In other words, it also means to undertake human development without affecting the nature and the environment. An economy usually functions within the ecosystem and it is inseparable. The ecosystem contributes to the generation of various factors of production that contributes to the economic growth: land, natural resources, labour, and capital.


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