Q1. ​Is work a scalar or a vector quantity ? 

Q2. Define work and give its SI unit.

Q3. Write the expression for the work done by constant force acting on a body, which gets displaced from its initial position in a  direction different from the direction of force. 

Q4 How is work done related to the applied force ? 

Q5. Give an example when work done by a force acting on a body is zero even though the body gets displaced from its initial position by the application of the force. 

Q6. What is the angle between force and displacement for (i) zero work and (ii) positive work ?
Q7. Give an example of (i) zero work (ii) positive work and (iii) negative work.
Q8. From the ground floor, a man comes up to the fourth floor of a building using a staircase. Another man comes up to the same floor using an elevator. Neglecting friction, compare the work done in the two cases.
Q9. Under which two conditions will work done be zero? 

Q10. When a body moves in a circular path, how much work is done?

Q11. Define one joule.

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Question:-1 and 2
Work is said to be done when a force produces a displacement in the body and acts in any direction except perpendicular to the direction of displacement.
Work = Force×Displacement×Cos θ
where, θ is the angle between directions of force and displacement.
The SI unit of work is joules (J)

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