Q1. Name 2 Main excretory organs.

Q2. Name 2 Accessory Excretory Organs

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Ans1. The excretory organs are:- 
The kidneys

  • The two kidneys excrete urine, which consists mainly of excess water, mineral salts and nitrogenous wastes from protein breakdown, urea and uric acid.

The lungs

  • The two lungs excrete carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Ans 2. Accessory excretory organ:-
The skin

  • The skin excretes sweat, which although more dilute, contains the same excretory substances as urine. 
  • Foreign substances can be excreted in the hair and the nails.

The liver

  • The liver plays a major part as it secretes bile.
  • Bile has pigments made from broken-down haemoglobin in the red blood cells.
  • The liver also detoxifies poisonous substances that may have entered the body through the alimentary canal.

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Main excretory Organ - Kidney

Accessory excretory organ - Skin, Lungs, Liver

I don't know the other Main excretory organ

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