Q1 pl solve it of English

Q1 pl solve it of English G. D. GOENKA Puduc SCHOOL ENGLISH SECTION-A (Class work) QI. Answer the following questions with reference to the context. "Frail crumbling houses, crumbling doors, Crumbline rafters Crumbling wood. crumbling bodies, crumbling Ines. Crumbling hearts — The Wind god Winnows and crushes them all." a. Why are the houses, doors, rafters etc. crumbling? Explain the expression: "crumbling lives, crumbling hearts' b. c. Why has the wind been called 'god'? d. What does the wind god do? Which poetic device has been used in the first three e.

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a. Unable to bear the onslaught of the powerful wind, the houses, doors and rafter start crumbling.
b. Powerful wind can wreak havoc and destroy lives. This leads to crumbling hearts which grieve for the loss of life and property. Crumbling heats imply suffering and hopelessness.
c. Wind has been called 'god' as it is powerful and has a destructive force equivalent to that of 'god'.
d. The wind god blows and destroys all that comes in its path.
e. The poetic device used in the first two lines is anaphora.


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