Q1. Read the poem and answer the questions that follow-- A DARK NIGHT IT WAS .... A dark, grim night it was Filled with short sharp barks I heard the yelping dogs Some leaves rustled in the dark. Slowly and softly the wind blew I felt the night was gripping me. The sky was of sombre grey hue I wanted to set myself free. I heard a song from somewhere Perhaps a distant hill But tightly I closed my ears The sweet voice had a frightening feel. I suffered till I saw the light The first ray of the morning sun It wiped all fears of the previous night No more did I want to run. The morning brought delight Happiness and hope for me All doubts were far from sight The gripping fear had set me free.

5. A word in the passage which means the same as ‘colour’. (1M) a) ray b) hue c) pale d) grey 6. Name any one poetic device used in the poem. (1M) 7. What is being described in the poem?

Dear Student,
5. hue 6. Imagery 7. Fear of the night/ a scary night

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