​Q1. What is Keats's idea of beauty?
Q2. How,or in what form, does beauty get stored in our mind?
Q3. Why do we weave a wreath or a flowery band?
Q4. Why does man suffer pain and agony on earth?
Q5. Can human life be without sufferings? Why/Why not?
Q6. What are the 'unhealthy and over-darkened ways' referred to by the poet?

Dear Student, 
The answers to your third and fifth query have been provided below:
Answer 3- We get attached to the beautiful things around us and weave a pretty band that binds us to our lives and eventually becomes the reason for our being. 
Answer 5- No, human life cannot be without sufferings as happiness and sorrow are two sides of a coin (life;here) and both exist in a human's life. Sorrow in one's life leads to sufferings.
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