Q1. What was the cricket's last hope?
Q2. What does the cricket complain about?
Q3. Whom does the last stanza comment upon?
Plz answer me experts. Tomorrow is my exam.

Dear student,

a. As the Cricket was all wet and shivering with cold and had eaten nothing, he gathered enough courage to approach the miserly Ant.  He pleaded with him to give him a little grain to feed himself and a place to shelter himself from the rain. He would return all that he borrowed later. If the Ant did not help him then, he would die of hunger and sorrow.

b. He started complaining when he found that his cupboard was empty of food. Winter had come and he could not find even a small crumb of food on the ground. It was all covered with snow. He could see neither a flower nor a single leaf on any tree. He lamented as to what would happen to him.

c. The poet believes the fable is true- one can find crickets not only with four legs but also two. He means that there are lazy people like the Cricket.



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