Q1) Why are patients and sport men given glucose solution?

Q2) How would the balanced diet of a rickshaw puller differ from that of an office worker?

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1. The patients who are severely sick are not able to eat solid or liquid food properly. Also, they won’t be able to digest food properly they eat due to medications and low metabolism. The patient needs energy to perform all the basic life process. So,doctor puts them on glucose drips. Glucose being the simplest form of carbohydrate goes directly into the blood and gets easily absorbed by all the cells of the body; thereby, providing energy to the body. Hence, glucose is given intravenously to the patient.   Similarly sports men also need instant source of energy which is provided by the glucose solution.
2. The balance diet of rikshaw puller would contain more carbohydrate rich foods because he needs more energy for physical work. The office worker needs a diet rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates as his body needs less energy than the rikshaw puller.

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