13. If the value of equilibrium constant Kc for the reaction, N2 + 3H2 2NH3 is 7. The equilibrium constant for the reaction 2N2+6H2 4NH3 will be 
(a) 49           (b) 7
(c) 14           (d) 28

Dear Student,

N2 +3H2  2NH3            Kc= 72N2+6H2  4NH3    K'c = ?From the above two equations, Kc= [NH3]2[N2][H2]3and, K'c=[NH3]4[N2]2[H2]6or, K'c= Kc2or, K'c=(7)2= 49Hence, correct answer is (a)

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the eq. constant will remain constant/same.
so the ans is (b) 7
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