Ans given as : option b.
Q.14. 1 mole of a diatomic element  X 2 contains 34 and 40 moles of electrons and neutrons respectively. The isotopic formula of the element is
(a) X 34 74
(b) X 17 37
(c) X 34 40
(d) X 20 40

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If one X2 molecule contains 34 electrons and 40 neutrons, then one atom of X has 17 electrons and 20 neutrons. Assuming that it is electrically neutral, it will also have 17 protons. The isotope has an atomic number of 17 (number of protons), and a mass number of 37 (number of protons + number of neutrons).

So, the isotopic formula of the element will be X1737.

Therefore, option (b) is correct.

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