Q14.... Plss Urgent

Q14.... Plss Urgent IS ernitt«r — 512 N Try Yourser 14 Two positively charged particles, eæh of 1.7 • 10 Q' kg and a o' I .6 10 '9 C are r apart. each a remASwe force t' iB weight then find r 15. What is the minimum electrical force between two MOs 1 m apart tree space? 16. There are two charges +2 "C and —3 PC. The ratio of forces on them wili be

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Felectrostatic=mgkqqr2=mgr2 =kq2mgr=kq2mg=qkmg=1.6×10-199×1091.7×10-27×9.8 =0.117mRegards

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