Q18 pls solve fast

Q18 pls solve fast moving uniform find the graph *ration Which 15. 16. 18. the velocity-time graph ? AILS. By finding the negative slope. Draw a graph for acceleration against time for a uniformly accelerated motion. How can i' bc used to find the Changc in speed in a certain interval of time Draw a vclcxity-time graph for die free fall of a under gravity, starting froin rest, Take Hcw is the distance related with time for the motil"l under uniform acceleration stw•h as the motion of a freel y fallin g body ? Ans. S r: A body falls freely from a certain height. Show graphically the relation between the distance fallen and square of time. How will you determine g from this graph ? Multiple choice type : The velocity•time graph of a body in motion is a straight line inclined (o the time axis. The correct Statement is (a) velocity is uniform (b) acceleration is uniform (c) both velocity and acceleration are uniform (d) neither velocity nor acceleralion is TIME (s) Following table gives at different instants o Displacement (m) (a) Draw the displac the average veloci (b) What will be (h (i) s and (ii) 4 Ans. (a) 5m 3. A body is moving displacement at vari in the following tabl Time (sj 01

Dear student,
  • Height, h = 1/2 * g * t^2
  • As height and t^2 are directly proportional, the shape of the graph is a straight line passing through origin and inclined to the axis.
  • From the above expression, it is clear that g = 2 (h / t^2) = 2 * slope of the graph
  • The acceleration due to gravity is obtained by multiplying the slope of the graph with number 2.
  • The graph is shown in the figure given below.


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