Q196)On passing electricity through copper sulphate solution,

a)Cu is formed at anode b)Cu is formed at cathode c)O2 is formed at anode d)H2 is formed at cathode


On passing electricity through copper sulphate solution using copper electrodes, copper is deposited at cathode. This happens as follows:

When electricity is passed through the copper sulphate solution, copper sulphate dissociates into copper ions and sulphate ions. The copper ions move towards the electrode connected to the negative terminal of the battery (cathode) and gets deposited on it. From the positive electrode (anode), an equal amount of copper gets dissolved in the solution. In this way, copper is transferred from one electrode to another. This process is called electroplating.

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Hi Raghav,

The correct answer is option B. This process is known as electrolysis or electroplating.

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