Q3. From not marble nor guilded monuments

Q3. From not marble nor guilded monuments dæs the poet mm0rtahse his betoved? ban you bring forth the latent values hidden in the sonn«? Ozymandias

The latent value in the sonnet 'Not marble, not the gilded monuments' is that time razes everything to the ground. Monuments and marble statues all fall a prey to the onslaught of time. they can be broken and ruined as time passes: maybe in a war or a natural disaster. The poet is hinting at the mortality of living and non-living things. But, the poet can immortalise the memory of his friend through his beautiful creation. His words can conquer mighty time by living forever!

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Hi Bhavyaa

​the latent value is that the every moment, situation dies with the time but words (poetry)  to beloved never dies, even on the doom's day.

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