Q3 of poem wind pl

Q3 of poem wind pl SEC' ION-A work) QI. Answer the fonowing questions with refc„-ence to the context. "Frail crumbling houses, crumbline Crumbline wood, crumbling bodies, aumblintliues, hearts — The wind god Winnows and Crushes them all." a. Why are the houses, doors, rafters etc. crumbling? b. Explain the expression: "crumbling lives, crumbling hearts" _ c. Why has the wind been called 'god'? d. What does the wind eod do? e. Which poetic device has been used in the first three tires? Q2. Answer the following questions in about 30-40 Words. a. How does the wind make fun Of weaklings ? b. What is the impact Of the wind on weak fires and Strong fires? c. What can Wind do if it becomes Our friend? Q3. Do you think the poem 'Wind' is a didactic poem? What moral values does it preach? SECTION-B (Home work) QI. Answer the following questions With reference to the context.

Dear student,

The poem 'Wind' is a didactic poem. In the poem, wind symbolises difficulties and challenges in life. The poem motivates us to be mentally and physically firm and face all the challenges. The poem encourages us to become bold and strong. If we are strong, then the wind assists us. The poem also tells us to rise above all obstacles on our path with determination, strong will and hard work. 


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