Q3. two straight lines are drawn on the same displacement time graph make angles 30 degree & 60 degree with time axis respectively which line represents greater velocity  ? what is the ratio of the two velocities ?



Hi Ankit!

As you know, velocity is the displacement per time. So, if the displacement – time graph of an object is steeper (that is, making greater angle with the time axis), it indicates that the object is moving with greater velocity. The object covers more distance in less time.

To find the velocity, we divide displacement by time. From the graph, you can find that displacement is the opposite side and time is the adjacent side of the right triangle. So, the slope of the graph, that is, tanθ will give the velocity of the object.

Here, the velocity ratio will be

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The line which is making angle 600  with time axis will represent greater velocity
Ratio :-  tan 30 / tan 60

= (1/root3) / root3

= 1/3

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