Q3 • POL N QI. If p(x) = 2x+4, then p(x) + p(-x) is equal to? Q2. Give an example of binomial of degree 27. Q3. Find the constant k if 2 x -I is a factor of f(x) = 4 x2 +kx +1. Using this value factorise f(x) completely. Q4. Find value of x3 - 8/ — 36xy — 216 when x = 2y + 6 Q5. Given that x2 -x -2 is a factor of x3 +3 x2 +ax +b, calculate the values of a and b ar hence find the remaining factor. Q6. Factorize the following: ii. 16x2 + 4y2 + - 16xy -12yz + 24xz

fx=4x2+kx+12x-1 is a factor of fx2x-1=0x=12so, f12=04122+k12+1=01+k2+1=0k2=-2k=-4   ANS...fx=4x2-4x+1=4x2-2x-2x+1=2x2x-1-12x-1=2x-12x-1   ANS...

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