Q4 pl solve (science)

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Answer (a) No, by simply increasing food grain production one cannot solve the problem of malnutrition and hunger. One should have sufficient money to buy food. This is regulated by food security. 

 The following are the three dimensions of food security:

a) Availability of food- It means the overall food production in the country, stocks from previous years and imports should be sufficient enough to meet the requirements.

b) Accessibility of food- It means that food should be within the reach of every person. There should be no barrier on access to food. It is linked to the supply chain or distribution system of food to ensure its accessibility in markets.

c) Affordability of food- It means that individuals have adequate resources to buy sufficient, nutritious and safe food for their requirements. It is linked to food prices as well as individual incomes.

To solve the problem of malnutrition following measures to be taken:
1. To supply vitamin and mineral supplements
2. To be done changes in dietary like eating foods high in energy and nutrients.
3. To be done treatment for any underlying medical conditions causing their malnutrition
4. To be support for families to manage the child's nutritional intake



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