Q4) what are the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy ?

Advantages of wind energy are: 

1. It is a renewable source of energy. 

2. Wind energy is a clean source of energy. It never causes pollution.

Disadvantages of wind energy are: 

1. It is unpredictable. You never know accurately when there will be enough wind to turn the wind turbine. 

2. Wind turbines produce very less electrical energy. So, wind energy is not so effective.

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advantages - it helps us to produce electricity.

disadvantage- it occupies lot of land for the construction and othere purpose

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1.. it causes no air pollution

2 it is renewable

3 it is eco friendly


1 it can be held at places having wind speed more than 15 km/hr 

2 its set up is expensive 

3 it creates noise pollution and disturbs the life of people nearby 

4 it disturbs the birds also

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