Q6. "The world's gota whole face..." What does Mr Lamb mean to suggest to Derek with this remark
Q7. Why does Derek feel it is no use looking at people worse than him?
Q8. How does Mr Lamb view his bees?
09. What is Mr Lamb's reaction on Derek's entry into his garden?
Q10. How did Derek become 'ugly?

Dear Student,

The solutions for Q7 and Q9 of your query have been provided below:

Q7. Derry thought it was useless to think of people who were worse off than him because that wouldn't help him in anyway or change his face. He had developed a negative attitude and was bothered by what people comment on looking at his face.

Q9. On seeing Derry entering his garden, Mr Lamb acted gentle,friendly and protective. He told him to watch his step amidst the apples, like an adult would advise a younger person. He also made him feel comfortable and told him not to be afraid.

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