Q7. How can beauty drive away sadness and gloom from our life?
Q8. How does the poet express his love for Nature?
Q9. Is the poet captivated by physical beauty or spiritual beauty? Explain
Q10. Despite the pain and suffering, man still loves life. Give reason in support of your answer
Q11. How can death be'grand and mighty'?
012. What is the message that John Keats wants to give through the poem 'A Thing of Beauty"?

Dear Student, 
The answer to your question no. 12 is given below:
Through the poem, A thing of beauty, the poet John Keats wants to give the message that any beautiful thing gives unending pleasure. A beautiful thing is happiness forever. Whatever happens, we cannot hate a really beautiful thing. Even when such a thing dies, fades or decays, we love it unconditionally. It will never lose its charm even after its death, thousands year later. Living near such beautiful things, our minds will be refreshed and will have sweet dreams while sleeping. As a result, we will have a better health and a happy life. 

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