Q7. The figure given below represents an experimental set up with a weighing machine to demonstrate a particular process in plants. The experimental set up was placed in bright sunlight. Study the diagram and answer the following questions :                                                                                        (2014)

(a) Name the process intended for study.

(b) Define the above mentioned process.

(c) When the weight of the test tubes A and B is taken before and after the experiment, what change is observed ? Justify.

(d) What is the purpose of keeping the test tube B in the experimental set up?

Dear Student
a) Transpiration
b) It is a process by which water vapour is lost by aerial parts of the plant.
c) Weight of test tube A was more before the experiment than weight after experiment because test tube A has lost water due to transpiration. While no change in test tube B was observed because there was no loss of water due to transpiration
d) It acts as control by the help of which changes can be noticed easily taking it as a reference. 
Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

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