Q 8   A t o m s   w i t h   l a r g e   a t o m i c   r a d i i   a n d   l o w   i o n i z a t i o n   p o t e n t i a l   a r e   m o r e   m e t a l l i c i n   n a t u r e  

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8. Metallic nature means to loose an or two electron from the valence shell to form postive ion or a cation .

Now, if an atom has large atomic radii, the nuc;ear charge effect on the valence electron will be less and the energy required to remove the valence electron in the ground and neutral state of that atom will aslo be less. That is , it will have low isonisation potential and will loose the electron easily to form the cation and will show high metalli nature.

9. non- metallic character is the tendency to accept an electron in the valence shell by an atom in its ground and neutral state, that is they have very high ionistaion potential (energy to losse an electron)
If there is decease in non-metallic character, it means tendency to accept an electron decreases which infers ionisation potential will also decrease.


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