Q9. Why does Margie feel school was fun in
grandfather?s time?(write between 30-40 words)


Dear Student,

Margie felt that school was fun in grandfather's time because it was a real school where students came together and had teachers to teach them.  She was impressed about this fact. All the kids from the neighbourhood came, laughed and shouted in the schoolyard. They learned the same things, they helped one another with the homework and talked about it. They sat together in the schoolroom and went home together at the end of the day.


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First of all it was the school of her grandfather's grandfather time...
She enjoyed bcz she was thinking that at that time there was very good teaching as children go and come school together, if they have any dought they can solve that with the help of teacher and classmates and main thing that they were having book as hardcopy not a telebook that means that the words remain same on page if we turn it..etc...
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