Qn no. 1 and 4

Qn no. 1 and 4 Who Gam K." ash* ut Name the the fim dynasty. was ashoka? What did he in MentO two b' How can vou sav 'hat Why the the What does tell uS about do is the which place of India did come

Dear Student,

Match the following
  1. Gopals - keep cows
  2. Mahispal - keep buffaloes
  3. Mangriha - Mandev
  4. Kailashkut - Amshuverma
  5. Ashoka - emperor of India

  1. iv
  2.  i
  3. ii

Fact based questions have been answered. For rest of the questions we request you to mention the text, chapter or book name so that we can provide you with some meaningful help.


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