Qs.2nd and 3rd?

Qs 3rd of 2nd pic

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The answers are as follows:
2. Grandeur is associated with mighty dead because they are our legendary heroes. The heroic struggles of  their life as well as death are a source of inspiration for new generation. The beauty of their heroic deeds will never fade away.
3. We weave a wreath of a flowery band to remind us of our connection to the earth. One often forgets this connection in the tumult and turmoil of life. Human beings become unhappy and disillusioned with life as they come to observe the banality of their own existence. The dearth of noble natures, of gloomy days and unhealthy ways bog down the human spirit. It brings a sense of despondence because the search for beauty amidst that gloom and monotony becomes doubtful. One begins to wonder if the exercise of trying to find beauty in this world is a worthwhile quest or not. However, in spite of all that a thing of beauty which can come in any shape or form alleviates our concerns and moves away the pall of dark spirits. One can experience them in the simple sheep, the daffodils, the green world we live in, the clear rills, the mod forest brake and the rich sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms. Beauty lies in the joys of nature that can replenish our soul.

In order to obtain assistance on the remaining queries, kindly post them in separate threads and in typed format as the picture is a little hazy and vertically aligned, making it difficult for us to read the text.


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Grandeur is associated with the mighty dead because we imagine great, praiseworthy, glorious death for our heros.
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Pall of despondence is spread by humans who have lost their noble nature and have succumbed to evil ways. Their inhuman qualities spread a pall of despondance over their darkened soul.
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