Que no.5, 6 and 8

Que no.5, 6 and 8 4)Whtch of the foilow.ng not be plepared by wurtz reaction a) Methane d) Butane Propane A students named an alkar,u as 2- ethylproparle. The correct ILJPAC name of the alkane IS a) 2-methylbutane c) 2,3 — dimethylbutane b) 22- Dimethyl butane d) 2.3 — dimethylpentane Hcx-2-ene and 2-methyVpen:-2-ené exhibit a) Cham Isomerism c) geometricai Isomerism b) Position Isomerism d) Optical Isomerism 7) How many structural Isornæ: can represented by alkene CO-*10_ 3 b Kharasch effect can be a) oct-4-ene case o! _ pert.2-ene d) but•2-ene

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